Presentation of the GSI and the GTGLab

Relevance of the colloquium

Wednesday, 3rd of februay 2021
10.00 - 10.15

The GSI and GTGLab conduct research on the governance of complex global challenges such as emerging infectious diseases, financial and economic crises, widespread disinformation and the rise of extremism. These challenges not only transcend classical boundaries and levels of analysis (political, economic, cultural, sectoral, and disciplinary) but are also strongly coupled and interdependent. Addressing these complex global challenges requires effective yet nimble institutions at all levels of governance as an essential part of resilient and sustainable societies.

Professor Nicolas Levrat
Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva since 2001, director of Global Studies Institute (GSI) and co-founder of the Geneva Transformative Governance Lab.


Professor Levrat teaches European law, territorial communities and European integration, as well as federalism and democracy in Europe, and the law of international organizations. His research focuses on European institutional law, European legal order(s), the status of public bodies in Europe, the law of minority groups, cross-border cooperation, governance in Europe, complex institutional systems and Switzerland-Europe relations. Professor Levrat is also an associate member of the ULBs Center for International Law and Public Law Center, co-founder of the Transfrontier and Cross-Territorial Standards Research Network (RENTI), member of the Academic Council of the School Erasmus Globalization Europe and Multilateralism (GEM), co-director of the Swiss Doctoral School on the Foundations of European and International Law, member of the Editorial Board of the Belgian Journal of International Law, member of the Board of Directors of the Journal EU- Topias, member of the Steering Committee of the European Center of Culture and Vice-President of the International Meeting of Geneva.