"A participatory and One Health approach to exploring how to build system resilience to tackle AMR in Europe under climate change conditions"


Dr. Irene Lambraki

post-doc researcher at the School of Public Health and Health Systems,
University of Waterloo, Canada

"Success factors of Antimicrobial Resistance interventions"


Dr. Tiscar Graells

postdoctoral researcher at Global Economic Dynamics and the Biosphere at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and  Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden

"Pandemic resilience – a Table-top Exercice for Strategic Decision-making in Complex Systems"

Mr. Maxime Stauffer

researcher at the Geneva Science-Policy Interface

"Building societal resilience to COVID-19 and future pandemics: a synthesis of the literature and a governance framework for action"


Dr. Didier Wernli, Mia Clausin et al.

senior research adviser, Global Health Centre

"What led to the creation of the fragile global supply chain that limits access to antibiotics in Europe"

Nadya Wells

senior research adviser, Global Health Centre